These days It's difficult to stay integrated

Job one is to create growth. To get there, teams should be united.  We've heard from many marketers and agencies that the silos formed from too many channels, partners, etc…makes for a less than optimal outcomes. We can help:


Management Consultant

"You guys ask the really hard questions" - Karyn Thale CMO, Essentia Water


Collaborative Webapp "Sky"

"You've created the first true marketing integration software." - Barbara Baldwin VP Marketing, CA Technologies


Agency Resourcing and REviews

"You run a really transparent process" - Bryan Yasko, Johannes+Leonardo

Working without the tech waste

There’s a new way to navigate the tech landscape. Keep it simple, and everyone in one place. Tools that keep you differentiated and high-performing should remain, jettison everything else. We’ve combined 30+ years of marketing experience and our 'wide-eyed' idea to build the first of it's kind software webapp to transform you into superpowerful teams. Sometimes guidance is a part of the transformation, so we also offer our services:

CMO and Agency CEO Advisory (Team Integration/Collaboration/Tech Stack POV)

Agency Management (Relationship/Reviews/Scope)

Traditional Strategy (Brand & Comms)


The best of your creative work is one step closer

Since the modern way of working includes a transient workforce, working at greater velocity across disparate channels, we couldn't envision integration without the power of the cloud. 

We built, Sky, a tool that would bring teams and ideas together. If you could keep everything in one place, in a single project: presentation, concepts and conversations, would you?  

speed is good. superpowerful is great.

Whether you're a start-up with very limited resources or an established enterprise, speed is a competitive advantage. Promontory helps connect teams internally and externally and energizes your organization with five forces:

collaboration (real-time/time-shifted)

social (time well spent with others)

accountability (strategic ROI)

efficiency (a faster route to better work)

agility (dynamic environment)

Focus on “moving a thousand people forward a foot at a time, rather than moving one person forward by a thousand feet.” - McKinsey

  The connected age is transforming and elevating the role of marketing.  Your digitally-driven work environment is making this possible but also creating unprecedented challenges.  You and your team run in real time together, but do you have the tool to ensure alignment?