What does it take to for marketing to succeed today?

You are on the road to driving revenue for your company.  But how are you getting there? Time and again, evidence shows that exceptional ROI is the product of:



"...is one of the most underused drivers of effective marketing and one of the most powerful" - HBR The Ultimate Marketing Machine


"...most crucial factor for future success" - IBM Global CEO Study



"...I know that half my marketing spend is wasted, I just don't know which half" - John Wannamaker

We're a software-led consultancy

The software is Sky, a collaboration tool that unites marketers and agencies across strategy, ideation and activation. We also use Sky in our consultancy practice as the most agile way to provide breakthrough, integrated thinking at speed.


Sky By Promontory

Does your strategy unite your teams and ideas?

There is no substitute for inspired teams that work in creative, accountable ways. Sky by Promontory is a strategy collaboration tool that helps infuse creativity across your organization. We make strategy the heart of every execution.


Resource consultancy

We help marketers identify and secure partners who deliver the desired expertise across all channels.  Whether your need is a tech stack audit or a new strategic, agency or freelance partner, we can have a relationship up faster than most consultancies using Sky as your all-in-one-place.


Creative consultancy

We're built to work in collaborative, transparent, agile ways.  We use this approach to bring transformative creative thinking to marketers' most pressing problems.

Creative - Strategy - Activation   

Every company needs to move quickly

Whether you're a start-up with very limited resources or an established enterprise, speed is a competitive advantage. Promontory helps connect teams internally and externally and energizes your organization with five forces:

collaboration (real-time/time-shifted)

humanity (time well spent)

accountability (strategic ROI)

efficiency (a faster route to better work)

agility (dynamic environment)

Focus on “moving a thousand people forward a foot at a time, rather than moving one person forward by a thousand feet.” - McKinsey

  The connected age is transforming and elevating the role of marketing.  Your digitally-driven work environment is making this possible but also creating unprecedented challenges.  You and your team run in real time together, but do you have the tool to ensure everyone is aligned and on strategy?