We've been fortunate to have managed teams on both agency and client-side for Fortune 1000 to start-up companies, over the past 30 years. We continue to be driven to exceed at making great work for world-class brands.

Influencers, Associates & Staff




Ryan Werth
Interactive Design/Front End

Nicolas Paton
Full Stack

Tom Vogelheim
Legal Counsel


Megan Mori
VP of Misc. Stuff

Josh Fowler

Product Analyst

Griffin Kabus







Our strategy is to bring marketers and great partners together in agile, collaborative and transparent relationships.

We believe in order to be a superpowerful team, everyone has to be moving in the same direction.  If everyone in your team is not connected to the decisions, strategies and work, how are you all moving towards the same outcome?

It’s time to modernize the ways that brands create business value. We believe the view from the Promontory is a great way to start that journey.